Ktorzadzi.pl (Who Governs) is a web app that outlines the Polish map of authority. The application uses official databases from sources such as the National Court Register (KRS), Central Register of Information and Sole Trading, and sejm.gov.pl. Our main resources is reinforced by the przeswietl.pl (Survey It) website of the Transparent Data company, which made their resources available for us non-profit. Additional source is data gathered for the website mojepanstwo.pl (My State) by the ePaństwo Foundation. The application combines this data, creating connections between persons and organizations (in order to determine a person’s contribution to an entity and their function, we utilize sources such as the KRS). The service visualizes connections between persons, i.e. information on what entity did any given person belong to, be it currently or in the past, and subsequently – how other persons are related to the given entity. Currently, we focus on data emerging from official registries, such as the KRS. However, in the nearest future we intend to combine entities by means of additional data, such as contracts, for example. Apart from automatic downloading and combining data, our workers, collaborators, and volunteers search for credible information sources, which can document connections between persons. Additionally, in the “W aparacie władzy” (In the State Apparatus) tab, we seek out photos documenting meetings of politicians, influential people, and organization representatives, tagging them whenever they are found.
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