It is a mobile app (currently for Android devices) that aims to facilitate communication between citizens and public administration employees in the Czerwionka-Leszczyny Municipality (Silesia Province). The tool allows to report citizen issues, which are then sent directly to specific departments, such as sewage breakdowns, vandalized benches, or dilapidated parks. In simple steps, the user can take photos, add descriptions, tag specific places on the map and send their notification, which then reaches a department in charge of the issue in question. The app also allows for sending information from the department to the citizens through an online administrative panel, also to selected users – that way everyone can choose information that is of interest to them, and the officials can reach a specific group, such as volunteer fire brigades or local sports clubs. The tool was created in partnership with the Czerwionka-Leszczyny City and Municipality office, with support from the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy.

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